Sunday, July 24, 2011

babe of the week # 32

Gia Carangi
her story does not end well
Maybe the first supermodel, they call Cindy Crawford "baby gia'
She is pretty, but there is something else about her, that is special and not to be explained in words
Even in this first picture, it looks as if it could have been taken yesterday
I find her so fascinating, cant wait to read A work of beauty
Just re watched the HBO movie about her, It jump started Angela Jolies career. Since watching I find her more annoying then even and want to pay to get her a boob lift. The movie re creates actual events, but was written by actual Junkie Zoe Lund. Some of the characters are meshed with other people. It is written from a junkie perspective so to speak.
I have been looking all over to find a interview with Sandy Linter about Gia. It is her naked back side in the Gia chain link fence photos taking by Chris Von Wagenheim , who needs a post of her own.
I feel like you can learn lots about her and know nothing, that is what a lot of friends say in the interviews I watched. The pictures are stunning and I cant figure out why

they completely remake this interview in the HBO movie....

even though she is totally tweeking out she looks pretty and has her sense of humor

sad to think that she probably had aids at this point and ended up having sex for drugs, was raped and ended up literally falling apart until her death. tough gig being a babe

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