Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lat night

We celebrated part one of our anniversary. We ate at one of my favorite pizza places. They shipped their fire oven all the way from Italy! sooooo good.

Then we went to one of my favorite secret spots that, I have been meaning to take B to forever. So hard when you have opposing schedules but makes going out on a friday really exciting. They have a little rack of board games in the back. We could not remember the rules to scrabble and I am the worst speller in the world so we went for Battle ship. Which is one of my favorite games my childhood. I fucking crushed him!

We exchanged some gifts.
I was surprised at work with
- beautiful flowers
- bingo tickets!
- a baguette sammi
- and lemon san pellegrino


I gave him
- a bottle of bullet rye bourbon
- some dark chocolate with salted caramel
- a lunch bag made out of recycled plastic bags.

today we are having a picnic at the scene of the crime

totally awesome

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