Monday, July 4, 2011


I think (dear god dont make me eat my words) that I am in the clear, as far is being a bridesmaid again is concerned. Wish I would have known about this website years ago
Your trade in your old dress for credit on purchasing a new LBD! Which is my favorite kind of dress.
I will not regret the pleasure I took in destroying my dresses. That is is they made it through the night. Well worth the trouble for the ladies I love.

While on the subject. This blog Tacky Weddings
Has me cracking up.
Yesterday, while on a wedding job. I got to witness a 19 year old bride to be. She was traipsing around the hotel room wearing : lace garters, bodice, blue sating robe, and jean shorts. The things I get to see......

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  1. Damn, that site is awesome (both actually). I think I still have super old (super ugly) dress from David's Bridal. gross.