Tuesday, September 21, 2010

All I know is you've got no money

At this moment in time , I have 76.00 in my checking account. Oh dear. This however has never stopped me from having fun. This weekend we had some friends over for pizza and beer, then yesterday Josh taught me how to play Mother on bass! I am addicted! Why did I wait so long to start? I had all the resources at my finger tips for years.
In my poor free time I have also been orgaizing the shit out of everything. Once you move with only what you can fit in your car, you never want to have to much stuff again. It is so freeig having few possesions. I packed a huge bag of clothes to give to my co worker today, and she surprised me with a present as well! A classic navy DKNY blazer!!! Wow wee! This will go splendid with my new dork themed outfits!

This video is sooo good

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