Thursday, September 30, 2010

ballet obsession

The past year I have been obsessed with ballet. Making it my personal goal to attend classes and dress like a ballerina when ever possible!!!!!!!! Is this a trend yet? Or one of the future? I arm myself with
-little pink shoes
-tutu skirts
- wrap sweaters
- opaque tights
-high buns
-dark brows
- form fitting black dresses or black anything!
-pink cheeks
-and great posture (yeah right)

I dont think I really ever except bodysuits though. Like leotards , they are a nightmare to go peepee in


  1. How I love so many of those outfits. Most of all, ballet! I always dreamed of being a dancer, too bad my dreams were crushed by my lack of coordination. I can't wait to see your moves, AB!

  2. i will send you a video for your eyes only!