Monday, September 13, 2010

weekend wrap up

I spent all day sunday cleaning out our hall closet. What a project! Random pieces of scrap fabric everywhere, Aveda education books, DIY wedding craft supplies ,half made projects, my missing Prince poster, and some serious dust bunnies!
I also made Veggie stuffed cabbage! Or in B's family gwumpki! It took so long to make!!!!!! Then it had to bake for like a 100 years... so long that we ended up eating avacado sammis and saving it for tonight!

With that said I do not feel the least bit guilty about staying in bed till one! I was mostly watching France Gall videos and looking at shoes.... Mainly these girls down here. When you walk 4 miles a day it is amazing how fast you burn through shoes, like literally the soles get holes in them etc. You just have to buy the good ones, and they are usually made in Romantic countrys...... I am lusting after these as my favorite sandals from Spain will not longer be weather appropriate and my little saddle shoes from France are due for a tune up

These are all Topshop!

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