Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Metropol 47 (demo) - Mark Kozelek

to me one of the greatest love songs

Flash your smile and face at me
Open your eyes wide at me
Lay down every day with me
Until the long gone days

Speak a native tongue to me
Say some funny things to me
Roll around and laugh with me
Until the long gone days

Take me around the city streets
Find us pretty things to eat
Find us something good to drink
But buy me one more day

One more day to know this place
To kiss your sweet koala face
To love you deep into the night
To feel you underneath me

Mark Kozelek is one of my favorite singer song writers. His words remind me of falling in love w the B.
He played tonight in Seattle and we stayed home, because he is boring as watching water boil live. We like it better playing in the background of our lives

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