Sunday, March 28, 2010


is so amazing i guess is the best way to describe. 3 mountains seperated by 3 beaches and also a river that runs off into the ocean. by far one of our faves. imanol and lucia have been great hosts. they have a cobayas. like in the photo! named kobe! he is sweet and i think he either a. likes me b. i scare him shitless. dunnoooooooooo
anyways. yesterday we walked all around the coast and then stopped for some pintxos or tapas. they have been not so veggie friendly but the ones we have made due with have been very tasty!
drinking lots of xalimoxto. i think i spelled it wrong but its ice, wine, and coke. had a lot of it in seattle with these kids.
today we went up one of the mountains to a tine amusement park. rode a few rides. cosmic cars- which included being hit in the face with random things hanging from the ceiling. a tiny roller coaster with no bars or belts just a chain (maybe the most dangerous). then a casa de la terror which i found to be very scary because they had a lot of lights reflecting off mirrors . i could not tell if i was seeing things and having a panic attack or if it was part of the effect. jeesh.

the views have been so great. ocean upon ocean. we also walked to what imanol called a wind scraper. it touched up to the waves and there had holes in the ground to when the waves hit , it would shoot salty air up through the wholes! all these kids would stand over and scream!

tomorrow is our last full day of vacation and it seems as if the time in SS has gone by so fast. last night i had bad dreams about returning to work, only not the job i have now. in my dream i had to go back to work in michigan. not that i didn't love my job there, but i think where i live is not to far from paradise to me. anyways time for bed so i can seize the day tom! ciao!

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  1. " i could not tell if i was seeing things and having a panic attack or if it was part of the effect. jeesh." ha! that sounds horrible!! i don't like rides because they always kinda make me feel like i'm having a panic attack and that's awesomeee.