Wednesday, March 24, 2010

bon jour ca va?

oui ca va! today was our paris redemption. went to a bakery and bought some cheap sammis. ate them on the street then hopped on a train to the saint paul stop. i had read about the most amazing vintage store and oh man was it! got some white ankle boots, rad red 80's sweater, poufy white blouse, 2 hats, a dress, and a shirt for josh for 61 euro!
while walking back to the train found some sweet little black flats.
then on to the louvre! josh blew it out with the photos and then later found himself overwhelmed. me on the other hand..... well there is this thing that always happens to me in museums. my hands swell and i sneeze and get a sore throat. it is so stupid. the hand swelling thing is what freaks me out my engagement ring was cutting off circulation. eek
on the way back to the metro, i made a point to stop at Laduree for some macrons! I got a few chocolate and pistacio! I also got some cookies for Lucia, Imanols lady since i have never met her and we will be staying with them for the duration or our trip after tomorrow!
that is all for today!

ps. hot and spicy pringles are the shit!

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