Tuesday, March 23, 2010


at the airport this morning in rome there was a insane line to check in (we got there early). We missed the cut off by 3minns! jeesh . I think we stood in that line for a hour and a half. fucking stupid.
Once on the plane we had to sit for a hour because the traffic controllers in france were on strike. Now i'm not sure what the deal is with these smaller airlines but they always bypass our rows for drinks. Also.... why do they clap at the landing? weird!

Paris is beautiful but kinda gave us the diss. i guess having one not so perfect day is fine after many great ones (minus the jacket episode). So we arrive at the hostel and then go to a cafe for a late lunch. the waiter gave me shit about wanting ketchup and being american! it was pretty funny. i ordered a crouque monsouir with out ham or meat and somehow a bunch of weird turkey (or tuna?) found its was in hidden under the bread. oh well.

we made our way to pere lachaise, to find jim morrisons grave. we made it to the correct section only to be hassled by a man with a bell telling us it was closing. we hid and then made our way back and tried again with haste to find it, no dice. got to practice my french with a girl who was also looking and spoke no english. she wanted to bow at the grave. kinda funny. to no luck we got booted out.

took the train close to the seine. walked down to the eiffel tower to go up at sunset. never crossed our mind that 800 million other people would be thinking the same thing. we admired it from below and got to watch the light spectacle , where the whole tower sparkles.

got lost but came across a amazing middle eastern resturant . ate like kings and then decided to say fuck it and cab it back to the hostel. bought some french beers and chillaxed. au revoir!


  1. i used to work for a travel club that had their own airplane. every take-off and landing passengers would clap...it was just a sign of a good/safe take-off/landing. but who knows why they did it on your flight!

    glad you're having fun!

  2. i remember! nomads! i worked the fashion show remember? haha

  3. how were you able to get on the plane if they cut you off for check in? the sparkles are pretty, aren't they??