Saturday, March 20, 2010

day 2

today we woke up late due to having the blackout curtain drawn. it was like we were sleeping in a cave. last night we tore up the town with oskar and imanol. we met up at a bar for our reunion and then walked through the narrow streets for a while. buying single beers for one euro and drinking them in the streets. none of us had eaten dinner and the only place with food was a 25 hour shop (25? si). we bought some frozen pizzas and they cooked them for us. we drank beer and ate them in the street then ran into some other friends. iker , ane, and joanna. they took us to a bar called tupperwear. there they played the smiths and the cure. our kinda stuff. it got to packed so we left. all the other bars seemed to full so we went back to what we did earlier. buying beers from little asian ladies and drinking them in the streets. weeeeeeeeeee!

was so hungover today! barf.

finally meeting up at 2 at the atocha stop on the metro, we walked over to the reina sofia to see if it was open. then decided to trek a ways away to a place called maoz. a veggie resturant that has falafel and a buffet where they top your sammich with hummous, cous cous, beans, salsa etc. we took the long walk back through many squares. mayor, sol, and then back to reina sofia. there we saw many dalis and picassos! loved them both before but now i need a new word. so amazing!

we met up with iker and company and had some drinks. they tried to convince us to get tapas but all we wanted to do was sit. imanol , oskar, josh, and i found a pizza place and ate our hearts out. also tasted some spanish wine out of little cups and then the server gave us free limoncello. which is still to strong for me!

too tired to tear through the town again, we tubed it back to our hotel for one drink and then retired. somehow now it is 3am. things just run late here i guess.

tom roma!

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