Saturday, March 20, 2010


josh and i woke up for the last morning at our silken hotel. we walked around the area and settled on a cafe for a late breakfast. ordering only in spanish. we did just fine. dining on empanandas, quiche and cafe. later we met up with imanol and oskar and they took us to a amazing park whose name leaves me. there was a huge pond with rented row boats and a crystal palace. or what i think was a botanical garden. we then said good bye to oskar and imanol took us to the air port. everything went fine. josh and i split a sammich that was labeled veggie. it consisted of lettuce, tomato and eggs. ewwwww.
we waited at our terminal only to find they changed it without notice. finally we made to to our plane. arriving in rome in one piece. josh read by the baggage that you should only get in a white cab so we hailed the first one we saw. this cab driver ripped us off so bad. normally we should have paid 50 euro at most and we paid 80. lesson learned.
now at our hotel. the king. we found that you have to travel through a maze of stairs and elevators. we take it on as an adventure. after dropping off our bags we walked down the spanish steps and stopped at a place called leonardos. ha! we dined on house wine, pizza magerita, linguine al pesto, and insalata verde. yum yum! we got a little lost but made it to the trevi fountain my total favorite and then enjoyed a gelato! 9 years since my last! chocolate and pistachio with a waffle cone and heart shaped accent . we then came back to the king and drank at our hotel bar with fladio and his dog bricola which i guess means small. what a sweet pup. now i am in bed and josh is trying to find something besides porno on tv,

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