Thursday, March 18, 2010


we have arrived!
all flights went well, and very fast in my opinion. could not believe we traveled for 17 hours!
got to hotel to find message from imanol. He is meeting us here in 30 minns.

We got to pick our hotel room, photos to come!

When we got here josh crashed upon arrival . i took a shower in our amazing bathroom. put on the hotel robe and slippers and fell asleep for a few hours.
we woke up very hungry only to discover that all the cafes were closed. (dinner is usually at 8)
we returned to our room and ordered room service. veggie sammis, chips, salad, coffee, and water. 40 euros later we were ready to roll.

we then hit the local subway, the metro. i got us to the calle princessa. located there is a enormous zara!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i left there with a black skirt, black short sleeve wrap sweater, and a pair of sandals to replace ones that a broke a few weeks ago. i also found us a bathroom! dounde esta la bano bitchs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

made it back safe to hotel. ready to see mi amigos


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  1. iyiyiyyy !! as laura would say. I'm so excited for you. love your entry, it made me want to travel again. keep writing. xoxo