Friday, March 26, 2010


yesterday we left paris by train. i sat across from a very sweaty french lady who kept whimpering into her phone "pour qoui???". if i spelled that wrong sorry. i watched the office till my computer died. we then took another train to SS! SOOOOOOOOO beautiful. we were greeted by Imanol and Lucia! they live on salud st! get it like cheers? wha wha. we walked to the beach and through the city. drinking white wine at a few places and having small plates. my options were pretty slim. i had a pistacio croqetta, a cheese one as well, some bread, tortilla, and risotto. yummy.

today josh and i woke up late, and took real showers. not like the piss drizzle ones in france. we walked through ss and searched for food. i kept drinking coffee and had a mini panic attaccek. stupid me for not packing my emergency pills. i sat outside for a while in front of the cathedral and it passed. josh took me to zara to make me feel better. i got some of the cutest things for my niece and so to be niece!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeee. more for my niece of course because she is my little berry!!!!!!!!!! of course more wine as well. the mission to find josh shoes was completed as well. he got some brown vans...... hope he gets a shirt or something else. i feel like a spazz with all the stuff i bought. though alot of it is presents for family!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for hefner's babysitter. i wont let myself be nervous when i get home over money! only live once! sisisisii

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