Tuesday, March 2, 2010

more wedding stuff ( i know i know)

1.thinking about getting these! i think they would be good props for my make shift photo booth idea (which is still a work in progress. gonna hang a sheet and hire a friend of a friend to take pictures for 2 hours during the reception
2.pom poms! what could i do with these? place them on a table? wonder if i could just make them. i love them soooooooo!
3. got this for my little flower girl! she will only be 18 months so if she rips it to shreds, its fine. it is just made of paper!
4. something blue? i wish...... how gorgeous is this ring? sigh!


  1. I can probably make the pom poms out of tissue paper. I will fiddle and see what I can come up with.

  2. diy fabric poms


  3. yay!
    i found this too.