Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At the Kaffitar

So made it back to London and raged to say the least. While balancing both arms on the edge of a bar and swinging back and forth pretending to kick my friend in the butt , I lost my balance and literally handed my ass to myself.
The whole tube ride to the airport it got bigger and bigger.
Got into Iceland and it was too too late to go to the Blue Lagoon. Realized I had taken out way to much money. the whole extra 0000's threw me off. What I thought was like $50 was like $300. Which ended up being a blessing. Because by the time I got to my hotel I thought to myself.... shit I really need to do something. Went to reception and they called the hospital , who said I needed to go there ASAP.
Walking to the hospital in Iceland I could not wipe the smile off my face. Like how could I even be upset, the situation was soooooo stupid. My nurse and Dr. were funny. She said to me, you can tell everyone you had your ring cut off with something that sounds like a fart. I screamed a little because I thought my finger was gonna break.

THANKS NURSE YORN! whahahahahaha
It cost exactly everything I had in my wallet

Everyone at the hotel was asking about me. Where is the nearest bar I said to them? Showing everyone my picture.
2 glasses of wine. Thai takeout I was passed out by 9.

Until I rolled over in my sleep. Hitting the remote and turning on the tv. The show that was on was featured the scariest 1970's jesus nailed on the cross and yelling in a language I do not know with Icelandic subtitles below...........

I wonder if that means something.

At airport now. 2 and 1/2 hours to lift off


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