Thursday, October 6, 2011


UK travel blogs. Found myself at hotel Weber. The second I sit down they play Say Hi. Good sign, I thought. Talked to the 2 bartenders. They seem like dudes you know in every place. Like you have met them before, in Chicago or at the Dark Room in NYC.
Talked to a guy from Barcelona that has lived here for years. We talked about Mad ball. How weird. Like almost as weird as when I talked to a South African guy in Scotland that liked Cradle of Filth.
Got to keep going, going, going. You have to hit the highs to feel the lows man. I know this, I just hating being there. So bummed my hotel is lame and far. My cab driver looked like my friend Jamie's boyfriend. Which reminds me I might be seeing them in Paris.
So glad to have met Lucy and Rose. Wish I could ship all the rad babes to Seattle.

Popped out for a smoke. There were 3 dudes posing for a picture being taken by one of those guys that walks around with a poloroid. When all of a sudden one of them grabbed me and pulled me in. Anyways they were in a band. OF FUCKING COURSE. The 2 cute ones were really sweet, and we bonded over the Beach Boys. The other one was totally arrogant and kept talking about how they were sponsored by Nudie jeans. blah blah. We went to the lamest club, and then this cool blues place with a live band.
Hey what has 2 thumbs and did the worm for the 100000000000000000000000000000000th time.
One of the guys had the coolest phone I have ever seen


The last page of the actual address book has a page of "games" blank tic tac toe set ups. When he showed me I spit beer. Amazing! I want one. Imagine, talking to people!

Took train into town in the morning. 8 stops. No mess ups, thank goodness. Ate by the station and then wandered around for hours with my headphones. Zoning out, and doing what I like to think of as "dance walking". Went to Anne Frank museum. So weird after wanting to go there for 20 years, it made me feel horrible. The size and smell, I was freezing the whole way through. I think for real I might have caught a cold. Walked around some more, bought some cute little brown shoes. While I was paying for me the girl informed me that they were real cow fur..... I just pretended not to hear that. Cow fur?
Stopped into a cute store called Episode. They actually have them all over Europe. Got a cute little yellow thing. Didn't think it would go on. Body Dysmorphia man. Anyways I ate a slice of "New York" pizza that I would not feed to a dog. They headed back on the train.

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