Monday, October 24, 2011

This is exactly what I needed today

a email from someone I hardly fucking know


Amber, you need to go back and be with Josh. I heard a little bit about you both. Marriage is hard, living here is hard, love is hard. He cares so much for you, you both need to work things out. Being married is a commitment to life's good and bad times. You must learn to share both and work your way around it. That dude is a real great guy and from Detroit, so you get a part of home when you wake up each day with him. I don't know you both too well, but I love you guys, and I hope you will return to him. I can't say enough about Josh. If he was a girl and I was single I would date him. Rad as hell he is... Take care, and think about this? You guys are made for each other. XOXOXO.


fuck you

I wrote a long drawn out response and then deleted it and wrote this

Chris, you need to keep your thoughts to yourself because they can be hurtful. You are right you dont know us very well. You dont know anything about us. All you see is that I left him and he lost his job. you are a asshole

His response?

Dude, wow. I will for sure. The asshole part was rad. All I saying is that good people are hard to find. Sorry.


All I saying is... mind your own fucking biz


  1. annoying that anyone would presume to be able to give you advice like this when they hardly know you. "I dont know you both to well" that sentence.. yikes..and to basically be demanding that you fix it. what a douche.

  2. you're like "oh, now that i got this letter from this guy, i change my mind. thank god someone said it!"

  3. That might be the weirdest email I ever did read.

  4. whattt? That's fucked. He's fucked.