Saturday, October 8, 2011


Just finished dinner at the hotel, then upstairs to grab a sweater. Somehow grabbed a dress by mistake. Then back to the Weber. Wish I would have stayed there man. Live and learn. Not gonna take the train, it is took dark and no ones knows I am here. Cabs are worth the money.
Keep seeing people that look like other people I know. I guess the term is dopple ganger. At the Weber again..... did I mention it is apparently a institution. I mean its super cool, but is that all they got. kidding. I wish I could find a good dance club.
Caught a glimpse of myself getting out of the shower. Holy shit .... I look like I have been beaten up. Like sooooooo many bruises. I think it must be from rough housing in London, and my really poor diet as of late. I like to think of it as a "bachelor" diet. I have caught myself eating pretzels for dinner because It is what I feel like having and it is just for me. Looks like I am suffering from some serious fucking iron definciancys. That our really, like I got into a fight.
Which reminds me, walking around Amsterdam I saw like 4 different attractive young looking people, with total war wounds on their faces. Maybe a bike accident? Or this town breeds some serious scrappers.
my legs remind me of when I was a kid, going to church and my mom would make me wear tights in the summer because she didn't want people to think I was beaten. It is pretty gross looking I have to say. Going to eat a can of beets when I get home.
Ended up meeting some foreign exchange students and going with them to a party at a really cheesy bar. Offering dancing on tables. I smelled all sorts of body oder and may or may not have caught a skin disease. jk. Why do europeans love the montage song from Grease? Like every time I have been in a club over here I have heard it and people go apeshit. Also got to check off a life long goal which was watching a girl get freaked from behind to the theme from Baywatch. Totally bad awesome. I mock sang the song and it completely seduced a young German man so hard, that I left, because homeboy was not taking no for a answer. Met up with one of the students the yesterday and walked around Amsterdam all day. Exchanging witty banter and drinking lots of coffee..
I ate a entire pizza..... might have been the most I have eaten in one sitting in months. pretty good. My pizza redemption.
Stayed up way way to late last night. Writing and reading and looking things up. 3 hours of sleep sucks. Now on a high speed train to Paris. My plan is to nap........... and then do one of the walks from my 24 walks in Paris book. Maybe I will do allllllll of them. Will have enough time to myself. Today is my last day of my 20s. Thinking of writing them a breakup letter. kinda feel like relishing in the idea of breaking into 30 alone. Like I might be really dressed up and go to Laurdee and have a macaron eating contest with myself. Already thinking about which flavors. Top 3 in order of importance

I really dont think fruits have any buisness in deserts at less it is a strawberry maybe.
Trying not to stress about money and really just go for it on this trip. Have not really bought any souviners, or taken pictures. Though I did pick up some Dutch chocolate for some peeps and some chapsticks for my ladies. Dorky.
Sometimes when I am alone I feel like I fade into these cities. Though most of the time people speak to me in english so I must stick out a little. Anyways. nappy time

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