Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I think last night was the last of the party nights. I am tired..... So tired of fun.
Connected with a old friend and got persuaded to attend a game night. I was thinking like... Life, Scrabble, or my personal fave Battleship!!!!!!!
This was like some D and D shit. I ended up sitting in on a a game called 7Wonders. I really didn't understand it, I just matched colors and followed the rules I could remember. Did I mention I fucking WON! Oh yes ... I won. How? I have no fucking clue.
3 glasses of wine and I was in a cab to meet up with some other friends. I order a beer. Drink like 1/10th and realize I can not hold in my disgust. Home by 11:30

So hung over today. I .......... wont even try and figure out the delicate balance of wine and food and all the walking I did.
Today is get your shit together day and it starts with one of my favorite things in the world.
A LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but first a list on how to make a perfect list

-be real about it, even the things that seem to huge to accomplish
-take your time
-look at the big picture
-Jesus fuck Hefner just pooped and i cant think, small spaces liter my ass
-add something that is very easy to check off, it gets the checking off going
- you probably cant cure cancer, but you can put it on there

my big new life list. GO!

-get a new phone
-finish cleaning old place
-get thing notarized for insurance return
-buy hook thing for necklaces (see easy!)
- buy garage can for bathroom
-wash rugs at old place
-renters insurance
-fucking credit cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-change address like now
-mail stuff to brother
-sell shit you are to small for, and pray you dont get fat
-buy blanket for bed before you freeze to death
-get a full length mirror
-restock work bag
-think of ways to make money in down season
-cure cancer?
-get Detroit print framed
-find reason to wear super cute Phillip Lim mini dress you bought while enraged yesterday ($64!)

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