Tuesday, October 11, 2011


On Train from Paris to London. So by the end.... totally over fucking Paris. My hotel could not print my ticket, and then the asshole told me that normally he would have to charge me for another one and to be careful next time. fuck you and your policy ass hole. one of my cards keeps getting denied. boooo also not staying at blue lagoon because they are booked. man i really really pulled a doosie. wonder if it would have been cheaper to have just bought a new return ticket. well whatever. live and learn.
Last night I walked and walked forever in high heels, all the the way to the louvre. Went to lauredee but they were closed. Took my self out to a nice Italian restaurant and then to balance it out, walked back past a club I saw on my way there. Everyone was wearing black, had long hair, and looked pissed. DING DING. excuse et moi, is this a fucking metal show? I am in. Totally bonded with the bar tender. The last band playing was called wormfood. totally baroke electric metal and a little goth. I went up to the singer and was like you are the shit. told they should play Seattle, with my friends. wrote down my email and bailed. When he emailed me asking why i disappeared i said because i was drunk and was not used to people being friendly. wha wha
ended up asking some guys for directions. he was born in Kirkland and has lived here forever. his friend in broken English said American people are nice. we went to another bar and chilled out. then they went to go smoke hash and i think got to stoned to function. so i went back to the hotel. then decided i was starving and went back out with my highlighting comb in my bra, just in cause. met 2 more guys. they were obviously a couple. we ate in the street together and while one of them went to get drinks (yes street beers!) the other told me about how they had almost gotten mugged by a guy with a broom stick..... and how the other guy cried. wha! I told him he needed one of these (and pulled out my comb). they were very very impressed by it. For something I use everyday it really does scare the shit out of people.

was woken today by a guy drilling under my window. went back to ZARA where the fitting room guy was a total fart face. then ate a bagel! then walked all the way back to larudee. soooooo good. I then got Starbucks. because it is like the only place to get coffee to go. then sat in front of the pyramids in the louvre and enjoyed my little snack.
I can not complain about the money, or my life is maybe what i have learned. some people spend there whole life dreaming about these kinds of things. and places..... and there I was. Excited to be back in London if only for a few hours.

Kinda nervous, about my new place. None of the checks have cleared. but they know I am gone and have my email soooooooooooooooooo.
Cant waste time on worry.

I can not wait to eat a apple or something not made of cheese and bread, did i ever think those words would come out of my mouth? NOOOOO
It is true. I am craving some weird shit
-and beets.... fat beets

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  1. I love and admire the he'll out of you Missy!!!