Saturday, October 8, 2011

Took train to Paris

Ended up meeting another traveler. He was sitting in the single seat across the aisle from me. Ended up having to move because it was not his seat. he accidently got on a reservation only train with his Euro pass. Lucky for him I had a extra ticket. Which really paid off for me because had I not spoke to him, he would have not been there to wake me up when we got to our station. I could have ended up some place very very far away. Instant Karma right there man. They gave us really fancy breakfast on the train BTW.

Anyways.... he had been living in Japan for the past 5 years working in finance and just up and quit and has been traveling the world for the past 9 months. How awesome I said. We shared a cab because he spoke no french and there were no maps at the station and all the info desks were closed. He paid for the cab. Instant Karma again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night I ended up walking around for a hour trying to find a bar called LE Motel. I under estimated the distance. It was kinda lame. People were packed in like sardines. I cabbed it over to the other place I had wrote down, since the three zeros ugly head was peaking. My cab driver spoke not one word of English but we communicated just fine. We sang this song together.

and then he gave me a almost tear causing serenade of Bon Anniversaire....... le sigh

and then I was at my destination

There I began to chug Desperados. A beer with tequila in it. Le Feline or cat woman. Had all these zine like comic books on the bar. I opened one up to find the comic version of one of the bar tenders. They played a bunch of soul and garage. I went outside to smoke and there I realized a bar across the way called ZAC. Well.... I fucking loves Zac's so I rolled in. They were playing the same kind of jams so I popped in and danced there. Then back out again. I started to talking to a guy in a Motorhead tee shirt. His friend teaches English. We ended up going back into Le Feline for last call and head banging to Rage Against the Machine. Some nice french boy kept picking up my coat for me since my stupid ass could not tie it in a knot very well. I kept telling everyone it was my birthday, or in french... broken french happy birthday me!!!!!!!!!!!!! I closed the place down. Chatted a bit, bummed and smoke and then cabbed it back. My cab driver was not fun at all, just a boring ass with a faux hawk

So today is my Fucking Birthday. Did I ever think I would be hungover on my 30th birthday. Well yes I did think that but. Did I ever think I would be in Paris alone after leaving my husband trying to figure out the meaning of love and happiness? I guess no one does. I am waiting for my Monsouir sans jabon and drinking :coke, wine, and water. My head hurts so so so bad.
God I feel like I might have gotten stupider. Like to myself I say "hey... dont do that, that is stupid and this is why" and then I do it anyways!!!!!!!!!!! Impulse on level 11 man. Oh well, throwing caution to the wind. My Birthday horoscope says this year will be one were I really build my life. Maybe one of romance, and for sure one where I receive recognition for whatever awesome things I do. WELL COOL. After this I am going back to my room and pulling the blinds.

Imanol and Lucia came to meet me at my hotel. Pretty awesome of them. We got a drink, and then dinner, then a coffee, and then headed over to my street Rue Boyer. They have 2 cool bars over there. One of which had a show. So we went to the other. Then made our way over to a dance club that was converted out of a old metro station. Total bummer is was closed. Tried to head to Le Feline but the dicky cab driver did not know the street. So we headed back by me, looking for a place to go in. I stopped to get a snack and then they confessed they were tired. Must have been so awkward for them. To hang with me in this weird trans state. OH ! Did I mention they got engaged last night? Yes. No doubt weird for them.They asked me about life now, but it was hard for all of us to switch back in forth between speaking French and trying to speak English or Spanish. We had to speak a combo of both to get points across. Tomorrow I will be solo again. Those days are pretty fun I have to say. It has its moments. I feel like the city keeps you company . ok fin and

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