Thursday, October 6, 2011

Over Amstel

Almost missed my flight because I cant fucking tell time apparently. The whole 14:25 threw off my brain for some reason today. I sprinted, like ran ran ran like the wind. To the farthest end of the airport. I was so so sweaty and nasty by the time I got there. Still fast though, good to know the nasty amount of smoking I have been doing has not inhibited my ability to run for my life. On a funny note when I was going through security I had these pink pink puffy socks on that Mija gave me for X mas. The security guy was like " uh, you forgot to take your shoes off, wait are those shoes? Sorry I dont know these days" He must of thought he offended me because once I cleared, I ran while putting my fucking shoes on and laptop in my carry on, with my passport in my mouth. Just now eating at the hotel bar. I have been really un motivated to eat anything. Thought it would be smart to get a sandwich at the station, but ended up getting distracted. Oh well, waiting on some Quiche and Soup. Maybe will be motivated late to go to a bar or a dance club. Kinda farther out from the city then I thought. It is all wooded and has winding bike roads. Your can rent bikes and vespas here. That would break my moms heart if I rented a Vespa. There are only men here.... must all be in town for business. I wonder if they think I am a hooker or something. A hooked that caters to men who like their woman to : dress like a grandma, potentially smell bad, have hairy armpits and un-coiffed hair . HOT.
Very ill prepared for this trip. I only just now looked up some Dutch words and totally did not even bring my French phrase book in case of a emergency.
Talked to some friends back home.... got the word on the street, about things being said. People need to mind there own man. LIke anyone can even have a shit of a right to judge someone else's life. What a bitch, what a fucking fucking bitch. If ya know me, I will let them know.

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