Monday, October 3, 2011

So far in London

Writing ironically from a fucking starbucks. Lets see...
Got in and took tube to hotel. All by myself and so tired. I could have fallen asleep. Showered napped and ordered room service. Around 6 I headed out to try and hit up Kensington High Street. Little bump in the road. A bunch of the tube lines were closed. I had to take a detour of a walk but it was nice really. All the hustle and bustle. All the stores were closed for the weekend. I wandered around aimlessly through the streets/ Then stopped into a pub for a beer. I like that you can take drinks outside. Wandered on back to the hotel. Freshened up and then ventured out to a friend of a friends bar. £24 later I was at the Abby Tavern. I danced a little. Drank more and ease dropped . When it was closing time I decided to walk to Camden town to catch a cab. Thought I had almost gotten one when I saw a driver standing waiting for a man at a cash machine. This was until he turned around reveling that he had puked all over himself. so I kept going. In the central area a group of young Indian men chatted me up and then grossed me out. I told them to F off and walked over to a group of older less creeping looking men.They were just hanging around drinking cans. 5 Italians. 4 of which were visiting from Florence. The other here for school. Just like me and my Spanish poo poos we hit it off. Tried to get into a after hours club but no such luck. We started wandering. Until we saw a street performer. Had a small jam session. At some point a handi capped woman flashed us her boobs. I dunno man...... One of the Italians played Bob Marley. Everyone started to sing. Me too. They were all 22 and 23 and I felt like I was again. Asked a random were to go after letting him wipe his ketchup covered hands on my tights. "Its ok, they are black anyways" He recommended a weird place called EGG. Open till 7 am. We hopped in a cab. To our disappointment is was £25 to get in. Standing outside trying to figure out what to do... I said "Fuck it" and walked back up to the door. Said I was recently separated from my husband and just wanted to dance but my 5 bodyguards could not afford £25 and was the price negotiable.. They said "NO". I turned around defeated, making my way back to the end of the building, back to the Italians. When I hear "WAIT !". The bouncer follows me back . Tells two of the guys to take off their hoodies , because of the dress code and hands us passes giving us £10 off. Then opens the gate. The door girl confiscated my gum. I have no idea what that was about. % rooms for dancing and a lounge that looked like a circus tent. We rolled into a room and danced like it was the last day on earth. They played a mix of not really my taste of music but it was fun none the less. We split 3 cans of beer between the 6 of us because it was so pricey. Some how half of us got separated from the rest. We searched each room until finally finding the rest outside. 6am. Walked to the bus stop and bid them good bye. I decided to wait at the tube station for it to open at 7. A man sitting next to me struck up a conversation. Kind of a bragger. A father of 2. We talked about life and he told me a story about how he accidental ate shrooms at burning man and saw Buddha. I told him I smelled from dancing so hard. He sprayed me with some really stinky Tom Ford cologne. I hopped on a train and my stop was shut down. I figured I could find my way no problem. Ended up getting lost for a hour. Tired and super stinky. Gave up and got a cash advance at a western union and cabbed back to the hotel. Where I showered and crashed way hard.

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